bianca, the othaship

today, while much of the world slept, we prepared a rocket (rockit) for take-off at the “berlin wall” launch pad on st george’s mall, central cape town.bianca the othaship brings the sound of PASS to the street near you, with much love.


PASS lands a space bot in 48 hours

the designs are in, the crew is ready for some oxygen intake; once again PASS lands in cape town,
this time bearing aliens ex limbe, addis, kinshasa, las vegas, paris, soweto and the cape flats.
another month ahead of no sleep, quick food-on-the-go, knee-bending dancing, and mammoth amounts of blk coffee. read about them all on:

PASS radio goes online in 4,3,2 …

PASS radio comes back live and active in 15 minutes.
we will be broadcasting genre-disrespectin’ musical labyrinths for another 30 days on:

come listen if you have bandwidth to burn. if not, follow the blog trail. allthingslove.

how does one interview an artist who refuses to speak?

last night, over dinner, with a straight face and before going out dancing, bili bidjoka said to me, “i see myself as a 19th century parisian artist … ” to which, of course, there is no measured retort possible.
it was like the day when someone asked louis moholo, “what are you listening to now?”, referring to music on disc in
the cd player, louis replied “i am listening to you man!”.

we recorded that conversation … and put it here for you

the Pan African Space Station – the sound of 21st century Afriglobalism

The Pan African Space Station (PASS) is a 30-day music intervention from September 12 – October 12, on the internet, as well as Live in venues across greater Cape Town.

It is an opportunity for Capetonians and visitors to engage up-close with the rich web of creative expression that binds Africans across the globe.

PASS Radio: The highlight of the project is a unique freeform music radio station that will broadcast 30 days of cutting edge music from global Africa.

The radio will launch with a 24-hour event to be held at the Africa Centre (44 Long Street, Cape Town) on September 12 (Steve Biko Day), and will broadcast until October 12.
Thereafter, archive audio, footage and blogs of Live performances and select radio broadcasts will continue to be available to stream online.

Live Events:
on 30th September P.A.S.S. opens with a once-off choral rendition of Chilean author, Fernando Alegria’s “War Chorale” composed by Bheki Khoza.

October 1st to 3rd we play host to a kora maestro (Toumani Diabate), a Ndebele guitar queen (Nothembi Mkhwebane), the funkiest of brass bands (the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble), the Ghanaian afro-punk (Wanlov the Kubolor), the Zanzibari legends (the Culture Music Club), and more.

visit our website for details and see what we’ve been doing since last year!

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