PASS lands a space bot in 48 hours

the designs are in, the crew is ready for some oxygen intake; once again PASS lands in cape town,
this time bearing aliens ex limbe, addis, kinshasa, las vegas, paris, soweto and the cape flats.
another month ahead of no sleep, quick food-on-the-go, knee-bending dancing, and mammoth amounts of blk coffee. read about them all on:

PASS radio goes online in 4,3,2 …

PASS radio comes back live and active in 15 minutes.
we will be broadcasting genre-disrespectin’ musical labyrinths for another 30 days on:

come listen if you have bandwidth to burn. if not, follow the blog trail. allthingslove.

how does one interview an artist who refuses to speak?

last night, over dinner, with a straight face and before going out dancing, bili bidjoka said to me, “i see myself as a 19th century parisian artist … ” to which, of course, there is no measured retort possible.
it was like the day when someone asked louis moholo, “what are you listening to now?”, referring to music on disc in
the cd player, louis replied “i am listening to you man!”.

we recorded that conversation … and put it here for you

Neo Muyanga – a man and his music

Neo Muyanga’s music plays along the boundaries of the Crafted and the Improvised – songs made become songs found.

“… often I can’t listen to music. It acts on my nerves. It makes one want to say a lot of sweet nonsense and stroke the heads of people who live in a filthy hell-hole, and yet can create such beauty”
– Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov (Lenin)

In many ways the music refers to diverse learning traditions – the traditional and the ecclectic. Music aids transformation – the median between idea and practice is sound.