PASS lands a space bot in 48 hours

the designs are in, the crew is ready for some oxygen intake; once again PASS lands in cape town,
this time bearing aliens ex limbe, addis, kinshasa, las vegas, paris, soweto and the cape flats.
another month ahead of no sleep, quick food-on-the-go, knee-bending dancing, and mammoth amounts of blk coffee. read about them all on:

pArtLy gOd

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pArtLy gOd

pArtLy gOd is a dance theatre piece performed by jazzart (the oldest professional dance co. in the rep of s.a.) the piece opens on october 16th.

will be performing the music live with the company and the band.

the work is scored for:

voice(s), prepared piano, violin, alto saxophone, distorted guitar, drum set, percussion, electric bass and a bag of samples.

read more info at this link: