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the Flower of Shembe

the Flower of Shembe

Composer Neo Muyanga on the art of the soundtrack (via The Baxter Blog)

Composer Neo Muyanga on the art of the soundtrack Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Neo Muyanga is building up an impressive body of work as a composer for theatrical productions. Born in Soweto, he studied “the Italian madrigal tradition with choral maestro, Piero Poclen, in Trieste, Italy” before founding the ground-breaking acoustic folk duo Blk Sonshine. Neo has composed soundtracks for The Royal Shakespeare Company (The Tempest), contemporary dance company, Jazzart as well as for … Read More

via The Baxter Blog

death follows NAMBI to the second emporium

we have begun the process of placing memory of how it feels on the stage floor.

we are working a lot with image, colour and counterpoint.
one of the major inspirations for the first story in the collection is an old legend
Bugandan legend of Gulu’s daughter, NAMBI, retold here:


i’ve been composing music for the contemporary dance and theatre stage for a number of years now, and (to my gentle … ahem … disappointment) most choreographers or directors often request i write edgy,
frenetic or convulsed music.
they never want pretty!!
e.g. the talented (yet intense) adam benjamin once asked me, “er … could you make that sound more like
a breaking chair, or something?”
ah but finally, on LOVAFFAIR i get to make pretty romance!
choreographer, ina wichterich, was completely happy for designer, craig leeuw, and i to get nostalgically saccharine!

Lovaffair (CT)

Leading South African contemporary integrated dance initiative, the award-winning Remix Dance Company, celebrates its 10th anniversary and its new home at the Baxter Theatre Centre with five performances only of a brand new production, Lovaffair.
Show runs from 30 March to 3 April in a new space at The Baxter, Flipside. Tickets only valid for the show on Tuesday 30 March 2010.