final prep

we began previewing memory of how it feels on february 17th. tonight we are officially open. thank you to all of you who have joined us on our journey in making this production… your
messages of support and encouragement have buoyed us.
come see the show at the baxter, and let’s talk and have a drink afterwards.
m n m


songs for a fighting

benjamin jephta holds down the bass in the second tonal short-story, songs for a fighting, in memory of how it feels. we took time alone away from the rest of the cast to go over his part.

kissing and telling (a)

the cast of memory of how it feels are not totally happy with me posting this kind ‘private’ material on the cyberweb. i’ve been making video diaries of our trials, capturing all the warts and silver swells.
despite their insecurities (understandable though they are) i am posting these diaries here anyway because, ultimately, we don’t only want to share the finished and polished (hopefully) product.
we all also want to share the sometimes scrappy process we go through to get there.

this a short movie of our rehearsal of the first movement of the first story, buya kimina.