mnnch! you guys are not serious. we are doing this already, for free

Bookings open for real space tourism- just five years to go

Boeing and Space Adventures have linked up to make commercial flights into low earth orbit more accessible – though they won’t be a reality until 2015 and a price has yet to be fixed.


bianca, the othaship

today, while much of the world slept, we prepared a rocket (rockit) for take-off at the “berlin wall” launch pad on st george’s mall, central cape town.bianca the othaship brings the sound of PASS to the street near you, with much love.

PASS lands a space bot in 48 hours

the designs are in, the crew is ready for some oxygen intake; once again PASS lands in cape town,
this time bearing aliens ex limbe, addis, kinshasa, las vegas, paris, soweto and the cape flats.
another month ahead of no sleep, quick food-on-the-go, knee-bending dancing, and mammoth amounts of blk coffee. read about them all on: