i’ve been composing music for the contemporary dance and theatre stage for a number of years now, and (to my gentle … ahem … disappointment) most choreographers or directors often request i write edgy,
frenetic or convulsed music.
they never want pretty!!
e.g. the talented (yet intense) adam benjamin once asked me, “er … could you make that sound more like
a breaking chair, or something?”
ah but finally, on LOVAFFAIR i get to make pretty romance!
choreographer, ina wichterich, was completely happy for designer, craig leeuw, and i to get nostalgically saccharine!

Lovaffair (CT)

Leading South African contemporary integrated dance initiative, the award-winning Remix Dance Company, celebrates its 10th anniversary and its new home at the Baxter Theatre Centre with five performances only of a brand new production, Lovaffair.
Show runs from 30 March to 3 April in a new space at The Baxter, Flipside. Tickets only valid for the show on Tuesday 30 March 2010.


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