Neo Muyanga – a man and his music

Neo Muyanga’s music plays along the boundaries of the Crafted and the Improvised – songs made become songs found.

“… often I can’t listen to music. It acts on my nerves. It makes one want to say a lot of sweet nonsense and stroke the heads of people who live in a filthy hell-hole, and yet can create such beauty”
– Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov (Lenin)

In many ways the music refers to diverse learning traditions – the traditional and the ecclectic. Music aids transformation – the median between idea and practice is sound.


1 thought on “Neo Muyanga – a man and his music

  1. Music aids transformation indeed – especially the transformation of Otto in his bed one night from young London teenager to foul smelling skunk. Thanks again Neo for the music – we start rehearsals again on the 25th August, open on September 3rd at Soho Theatre. Wish you could see it!

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