the new dance-drama, “cargo”, by jazzart and magnet theatre opens at the spier amphitheatre in stellenbosch on february 24 and ends on
march 4th 2007. (please note that this piece will be touring at various times nationally throughout 2007)

i have created an intensely moody soundtrack for this collaboration – this being my latest cd titled, FIRE FAMINE PLAGUE & EARTHQUAKE – what some are already beginning to call quite a difficult work about our contemporary responses to the traditions of slavery and the miscellany which moulded and birthed our mother city, Cape Town.

because this is such an emotive and often explosive theme, i have included many of my own notes in the cd booklet – scribbles, drawings, song charts and thoughts i collected during the months spent researching the nature and expression of the slave trade in this part of the world.

i hope this serves to give context to the music, and allow the listener to engage more deeply with the material.

FIRE FAMINE PLAGUE & EARTHQUAKE will be available by order from this website, starting 24th february. the album is also available at all agreeable outlets, AND soon will be available for download via

we will also open this production at the grahamstown festival on july 6th, 2007. soundtrack is also available at all performances of “cargo”.



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