what are you doing on mon & tue night?

greetings and salut-ations!

remember we spoke about a gathering which a collective of ‘us’ planned for january 2007? … well, the time is upon us:

a group of about 70 thinkers, academics, activists and art makers will come together for a gathering at the africa centre in stellenbosch around the kaleidoscopic theme of EnTangled nations – a look at the threads that bind those of us looking to re-imagine africa in the 21st century.
our gathering takes place next week, from january 22 to 24th. we will spend these 3 days talking, imagining and sharing ideas around the theme of EnTangled nations. then during the nights of january 22nd and 23rd we will perform a collaboration between a team of ‘us’ in cape town and johannesburg, simultaneously.

the team are: los angeles-based singer/songwriter yeofi andoh, kinshasa-based choreographer faustin linyekula, paris-based noise poet joachim montessuis, cape town-based graphics animator anwar mcwhite, johannesburg-based choreographer greg maqoma, and myself also here in cape town.

greg maqoma’s company in joburg will be connected live via satellite link to all of us here in kaapstad … they will respond to our live sonics and animated visuals while we interpret pulses being embodied by faustin linyekula’s dancers (who will be before us) and feedback to greg’s troupe (who will be 1400 km away).
if you are in joburg on the evenings of january 22&23rd, we’d like to invite you to attend this historic event taking place from 19h45 on both evenings.
this event is completely free – come explore with us!