Playing at “Le Festival Fatej”

Hi all,

I am in Yaoundé, Cameroun, playing at ‘Le Festival Fatej’ with Magnet Theatre…

The food is different, the scent is new, our team is constantly being asked,”are you from America?”… is South Africa really so far from Africa?

There is a sense, in some quarters here, that South Africans are not really Africans … that somehow we are “apart”. is this true? So many of us (Africans) know so little about each other… our languages, for the moment, serve to separate us, connecting via the airlines is expensive and so very convoluted (we transit via Europe for the sake of affordability… to call each other on the phone is prohibitively expensive… at times when we fail to comprehend one another we nod sternly saying “oui oui je sais …” can we achieve togetherness?

Should we try harder? Na, what you think?